A team who cares

We founded Viaflats because as former students at Maastricht University ourselves, we found it incredibly challenging to find a home. We had to spend days planning viewings. The experience was stressful and both of the founders ended up paying for rooms which they did not really like after all.

So during our studies, we set out to change the experience. We started by making a friendly website where we thought about the following values: 1) Delivering a high quality service 2) Being as helpful as we can to new students and expats in Maastricht 3) Renting homes where we would live ourselves.

All in all, after all these years of renting we ended up graduating, moved of a total of 11 places and met hundreds of owners. We have now a portfolio of close to 1000 rooms and apartments in Maastricht, with about 20 to 25% of them becoming free each year.  We have graduated since then and still operate day to day Viaflats.

The team behind Viaflats


Robin studied European law and Corporate and Commercial law at Maastricht University. He handles the contacts with landlords and monitors the quality of the properties we have on offer.


Laura studied European law and did a Master in Law, Forensics and Psychology at Maastricht University. At Viaflats, she is responsible for the advertising of our properties as well as the relations with our customers.