The reasons to rent an accommodation on Viaflats

No agency fees

We do not charge any costs. You only pay the deposit and rent to the landlord.

Top-notch support

We know how stressful it is to find a home. We have a dedicated team of former Maastricht University students that can advise you.

Book your home online or see it in person

Even if you are not yet in Maastricht, we can reserve the place for you. If you are already in Maastricht - great! Contact us to arrange a viewing.

How it works

1. Start your search or tell us your preferences

We update daily our accommodations so that they are up-to-date. You can also tell us your search criteria via email or chat.

2. Tell us when you want to move in.

Tell us when you would like to rent the home and send us an email to rent the accommodation or to plan a viewing.

3. Receive your contract via email and move in.

All done! You will receive your contract via email from your landlord and can pay the deposit to him. We will assist you throughout the whole process!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you arrange viewings?

Yes we can arrange viewings too. While we do not go to the viewings ourselves (to keep our costs low), you will meet directly with the landlord (which we think is great!). You book your accommodation online (by sending us an email) if you are unable to come to Maastricht.

Do you make the contract?

Yes, we will send you the contract in Dutch and English via email.

How much do I have to pay in advance to secure an accommodation?

Nothing! You only have to sign the contract to secure your apartment. However, your landlord might ask you to send the deposit to ensure your commitment.

Do you check landlords that advertise on Viaflats?

Yes, we meet with every single landlord and send them our conditions beforehands.

Do you check the accommodations listed?

Yes, we have visited every single accommodation our website.

When will I get my deposit back?

Once your contract is signed, we step out of the relationship. However, we advise our tenants to make an inspection report at the beginning and after their stay. We also advise them not to break anything and clean their home well.