• How does it work to book a place?

    First of all, you send a booking request (via email). Once accepted we will send you the confirmation and be required to pay 50% of the deposit to us (which we will only transfer to the landlord 2 days after you move in). After that, you will meet the landlord at the property to sign the contract

  • What is included in the monthly rent?

    It depends from homes to home, but for a lot of our places all bills are included in the price (Gas, Water, Electricity, Internet)

  • How does it work with the deposit? When do I get it back? 
    You pay the deposit to your landlord. Once your contract is finished your landlord has up to 2 months to refund it (even though it usually takes a few days or 1 or 2 weeks usually). Viaflats cannot intervene in the relations between you and your landlords. We suggest you require a inspection report prior to you moving in and that you make sure that you do not make adjustments or break things in the place and that it is well cleaned when you move out.


  • How can I advertise my property on Viaflats?
    Please contact us via email at support@viaflats.com and send us all the information of your property. Once we received the information, we will send a professinal photographer (free of charge) to your property and send you our conditions via email.
  • How much does it cost to rent my property on Viaflats?
    We charge between 4.5% (if we have the exclusivity) or 7.5% (if you also work with other companies or yourself) of the booking period amount. So for example, if you have a room at €400,- per month that you rent for 12 months with us exclusively (€400 x 12 = €4800) we will charge 4.5% of €4800,- = €202,5 excl. VAT. This is a one-time payment, and you do not have to pay it again if the tenant extends his or her stay.
  • Can I arrange viewings? 
    Viaflats does not organise viewings. We send a professional photographer to the property which will write the description and take professional photos and videos of your room. We do not arrange viewings as a lot of properties are still occupied (and viewings thus disturb the other tenants) but also because it costs a lot of time and that most of our tenants are not yet in the Netherlands and want to secure their accommodation before arriving to Maastricht. However, you can decide to arrange a viewing yourself.
  • Can I choose the tenants? 
    Once we receive a booking request, we will send you the information of the tenant via email. If you accept the request, the tenant will have to transfer a 50% of the deposit within 48 working hours to us. This deposit will be transferred by us to your account 2 days after the tenant arrives to your property. Once the deposit has arrived on our account, you are free to also meet the tenant.
  • When does the tenant has to pay the other 50% of the deposit and the rent? 
    Once we receive the 50% of the deposit, we will send a welcome email to you and the tenant, with the contract and the next steps. The tenant will have to transfer the rent and the remaining of the deposit at the latest 1 day before moving in. You are free to arrange viewings with the tenant if you would like to at this stage. Please note also that with long distances contract, tenants have 14 days to withdraw from the contract.